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1993 Muller Martini Minute Man Saddle Stitcher


1509 Stitcher with 2 HK75 stitch heads, 1522 3 knife trimmer, 1528 Cover/card feeder with additional squeeze roller kit, 3 1533 Twin feeder, 1511 Delivery with counter and kicker, 2 x DCLF 80 compressors, Trim Removal System,  2 sets of trimmer knives, and small size kit for 1522 trimmer.


$52,000 Installation and Training Included
(Cutomer Has to Supply Elctrical and High Pressure Air)

Muller Martini 306 Flat Pile Feeder:


Will fit 335 or 321M saddle stitchers on universal concrete base. This unit has been refurbished and tested, sold as is.  


Muller Martini 1528 Cover/ Card Feeder For Universal Base


 All new bearings, belts, and hoses. Has Optional Squeeze Rollers, and Top And Bottom Blow Air for Seperation. Will Fit 321, 335, 301, 300 and Early Model Prima Saddle Stitchers. Max Size 20.5in x 12.25in Min Size 6.5in x 3.5in Max Speed 14,000CPH. Unit has been Rebuilt and Tested.  


Available Machine Accessories


Used & Rebuilt
Adjustable Sucker kits for 306, 1516, and 1533
Additional squeeze rollers for 1529
4th & 5th Knife for  890 or 1522

 3 Hole Punch for 890 or 1522
Single Hole Punch for 890 or 1522
Oblique Sheet Monitor for 335
Additional Pumps

Stitching Head Parts


 We have a wide selection of Muller Stitching Heads and Parts for HK55, HK75 and HK75v.

Misc. Parts & Accessories


 We carry Muller Martini Saddle Stitcher Parts, Knives, Belting, Bearings, Chain and Electronics.